Settle your Valheim disputes with Viking beer pong

Cannot make a decision the place to position your server’s latest base in Valheim? Livid that your good friend took the closing bars of iron to improve their awl when you do not also have iron gear but? Here is a technique to unravel your dispute: Viking beer pong. Or mead pong, if you have not unlocked barleywine but. Simply use one thing like an amber pearl or a cloudberry and chuck it from your stock on the conventional beer pong setup. The theory first popped up a couple of weeks in the past. This is an nice instance, additionally from Reddit:

Some Viking beer pong with the men from r/valheim

To make a lager pong desk you will have to get a bronze awl to chop bushes like birch and oak for superb picket. When you construct a double-length of tables, you’ll use horizontal merchandise stands, made with superb picket and bronze nails, and mugs, made with superb picket, to arrange the standard pong enviornment. In case you are no longer sufficiently old to understand what I am speaking about, that is superb, ask a guardian to give an explanation for.

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