Silent Hill Series Finally Gets An Official Twitter Account From Konami

Knightofelemia7h in the past

A brand new sport completed by way of the unique SH crew could be nice. An stepped forward HD remaster could be nice and connect the errors SH HD made. Hell I might take a remake of two, or three SH is a smart franchise I were given into it past due once I scored a $10 Xbox and the SH2 disc used to be inside it and I love the sport. I love SH3 even supposing I personal it for PS3 the PS2 port is pricey minus a couple of mistakes within the sport I in reality loved it. SH four used to be all proper Shattered Recollections used to be a turd Homecoming I love Downpour is some other turd simply want to play Origins and the primary SH sport. Could be nice if Konami went again to creating video video games whilst additionally nonetheless working their pachinko machines.

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