Snowboard pioneer Jake Burton Carpenter dies at 65

Snowboard pioneer Jake Burton Chippie dies at 65 after most cancers relapse

Snowboard pioneer Jake Burton Chippie has died at 65.

Officers from the corporate he based, Burton Snowboards, showed his demise to The Related Press on Thursday. He emailed his workforce this month announcing his testicular most cancers had returned. He were identified in 2011 however after a number of months of remedy were given a blank invoice of well being.

Chippie introduced the snowboard to the loads and helped flip the game right into a billion-dollar industry. He give up his task in New York in 1977 to shape his corporate. His function used to be to advance the rudimentary snowboard, then known as a “Snurfer,” which were invented by means of Sherman Poppen a dozen years previous.

It labored, and greater than 4 many years later, skiing is a big fixture within the Olympics and snowboards are as commonplace as skis at hotels around the globe.

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