So you think anyone will want this 'timesharing' stuff?

Flashback to the times when the mainframe is king, punch playing cards are the usual medium for methods, and timesharing terminals are an enormous boon for programmer productiveness, consistent with a pilot fish who used to be there.

“Timesharing used to be to be had best right through scheduled hours, and now not to be had right through top manufacturing occasions at evening or weekends,” fish says.

“However as a way to entire trying out for a different mission, I wanted timesharing to be made to be had right through non-scheduled hours, in conjunction with get entry to to the CPU and tape drives for 3 consecutive weekends.”

The mission is very vital to fish’s boss, so there is no downside getting the assets allotted. However then any other programmer, who is running over the weekend, reveals out that timesharing is to be had.

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