Surviving the Aftermath hands-on: It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine(ish)

Farewell, the optimism of humanity overcoming our baser instincts and touring to the celebrities. Farewell even to the optimism of an eccentric billionaire investment an expedition to Mars. The ones goals have been all the time foolish in all probability, and within the everlasting phrases of Charlton Heston: “You maniacs! You blew it up!”

During which I imply: Surviving Mars has spawned a spin-off in Surviving the Aftermath, swapping out the graceful promise of a space-faring long run for the awful post-apocalyptic wastes. Introduced simply remaining week, Paradox surprise-released Surviving the Aftermath into Early Get admission to as of late.

And having spent a while with it, I’ve trudged again around the nuclear-scarred panorama to deliver you some preliminary ideas.

Love the atomic bomb

I can say, I didn’t be expecting Surviving Mars to put the grounds for a brand new sequence. It’s a groovy concept even though. Enjoying Surviving Mars, I did to find myself wishing there have been extra themed town developers—and that’s exactly the promise of a Surviving [Blank] sequence.Live to tell the tale the Heart AgesLive to tell the tale AntarcticaLive to tell the tale Brexit. The probabilities are just about never-ending with a theme that extensive.


“Surviving” is the core of it even though, a sense of creating a toehold in your colony towards all odds. In Surviving Mars that intended making sure your fragile people may just wring sufficient meals and water from the tough Martian soil. In Surviving the Aftermath it’s…smartly, just about the similar purpose, except for change out Martian soil for “irradiated hellscape.”

That is nonetheless very a lot a small-scale builder even though. A “colony” as I stated, now not a town. And consistent with the surroundings, Aftermath is much more ragtag than Surviving Mars. You aren’t sending drones to build graceful fiberglass shelters and helium-Three mines. Get able to place up tents and emergency shelters, fishing shacks and rudimentary sawmills.

Flourishing for me up to now way having round a dozen survivors in my camp. Even that scenario is precarious even though, with radiation clouds and different hazards at risk of kill off 1/2 the inhabitants at a moments’ understand.

It’s bleak. Sun panels are a big analysis accomplishment. The head of one of the most tech bushes in this day and age is a cobbled-together film theater. You’re now not rebuilding a lot of a civilization right here.

Surviving the Aftermath Surviving the Aftermath

Reasonably the other, actually. In true post-apocalyptic shape, different individuals are as large a risk as the surroundings. Surviving the Aftermath makes key a part of your colony’s combat, most probably its greatest departure from Surviving Mars.

To seek out the rarer assets this time round you’ll wish to go away the colony, push out and discover an overworld map—and naturally the most efficient caches are within the fingers of bandits. The entire idea’s beautiful bare-bones in this day and age, with struggle principally breaking all the way down to “Clicking on a lair each and every short while till they’re all lifeless.” However it’s a promising get started, indisputably extra attention-grabbing than the radar scans in Surviving Mars. I’ll be curious whether or not you’ll in the end select up and transfer your colony to new portions of the map, uncover strongholds, or anything else alongside the ones traces.

Randomized pop-up “Occasions” have possible as smartly. Caravans will now and again arrive out of doors your camp, and whilst you click on on them will it throw you right into a discussion tree the place you’ll barter for provides. Your colonists may even deliver you data now and again, asking to head spelunking via wrecked automobiles or some such to seek out fabrics. There doesn’t appear to be a large pool of occasions at this time, or even within the little time I’ve performed I’ve noticed duplicates. The possible is there even though for deeper and extra RPG-like storytelling, possibly even a rudimentary faction/international relations gadget.

Surviving the Aftermath Surviving the Aftermath

On a extra elementary stage, Surviving the Aftermath additionally makes some much-needed high quality of existence enhancements to Surviving Mars’s hands-off drone development. Clearly it’s not drones carting provides to worksites, it’s your survivors. Aftermath all the time allows you to understand how many idle fingers are to be had for logistics even though, which is beneficial. And you’ll additionally transfer the efficient work-area for constructions like sawmills and meals garage sheds. Your survivors may wish to stroll additional to do their jobs, shedding potency within the procedure, however not more wish to construct a dozen other variations of the similar useful resource station simply to placate the AI.

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