The $4 Raspberry Pi Pico Can Now Run FUZIX, a UNIX Clone

The Raspberry Pi Pico running FUZIX
Raspberry Pi Basis

Who knew that the Raspberry Pi Pico would to find itself in such peculiar scenarios only a month after free up? Developer David Given has effectively ported a UNIX clone referred to as FUZIX to the Pi Pico. Now old-school UNIX hackers can get their palms grimy with a $four microcontroller.

The Raspberry Pi Pico is a microcontroller for embedded programs. It’s very other from the $five Raspberry Pi 0, which is a right kind Linux pc meant to run numerous running techniques. Whilst it’s no marvel that the Pi Pico can run a low-power UNIX-like OS (weaker machines have completed so up to now), the truth that this port is purposeful a month after the Pico’s free up is spectacular.

FUZIX is a V7 Unix clone in accordance with Doug Braun’s low-power UZI running gadget. It was once evolved by means of former Linux maintainer Alan Cox in 2014 for the Eight-bit Zilog Z80 processor and ported to the Raspberry Pi by means of David Given. FUZIX incorporates not one of the unique UNIX code written by means of Bell Labs and isn’t a certified UNIX product, even though its capability and UNIX-like programs must really feel acquainted to any UNIX geek.

At a hardware stage, the FUZIX port helps as much as 15 processes and person binaries as much as 64KB. It makes use of simplest probably the most Pi Pico’s two cores, which means that the second one core might be used for added processes. And as you could be expecting, the FUZIX port includes a right kind UNIX filesystem with a serial console on Pico’s UART0 and SD card make stronger.

Whilst the FUZIX Pi Pico port is rather solid, it nonetheless lacks multi-task and NAND flash make stronger. In the event you’d like to make use of FUZIX for your $four Pi Pico, take a look at the Raspberry Pi Basis’s detailed set up information.

Supply: Raspberry Pi Basis by way of ZDNet

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