The best period tracker apps, from Flo to Clue and more

A Galaxy A51, open to the Clue app tracking calendar, rests on a white leather chair.

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Pull again the curtain with information that’ll get advantages someone menstruating. Duration tracker apps take the guesswork out of having your era, without reference to your plans. 

At the moment, era monitoring apps allow you to report the whole lot from go with the flow period and heaviness to signs, ovulation, or even intercourse pressure. As a fitness instrument, those apps, and their corresponding information, are valuable. We’ve rounded up the most productive era tracker apps to check out, whether or not you’re looking to conceive or simply looking to stay your pants blank. 

The most productive era tracker apps

What to search for

To be blunt, sessions are a ache. And every now and then, additionally roughly a thriller. Whether or not you’re looking to get pregnant, looking to steer clear of being pregnant, or simply making an attempt to determine what’s happening downstairs, era tracker apps can lend a hand.

Get started by way of opting for an app that aligns together with your present targets and desires. Is your focal point predicting your go with the flow or inspecting period-related signs and irregularities? When you’re hoping to get pregnant, some apps cater in particular to customers looking to conceive. If you’re in search of a group, a couple of apps lend a hand customers hook up with one every other in addition to with clinical execs. After all, you’ll be able to at all times go for easy monitoring, however the level is; there are lots of assets to be had should you do need extra. 

When you’ve narrowed it down by way of want, select whichever app feels the most simple and gained’t flip monitoring right into a chore. One thing as small as intuitive icons may make monitoring sooner for you in my opinion. The extra constantly you monitor, the simpler the advantages, so stay it simple for your self.

All in all, don’t hesitate to buy round. It’s price discovering the proper have compatibility.

Flo: The preferred era tracker app

Value: Loose / $7.99 per 30 days / $39.99 in step with yr 

Screenshot of the Flo app in the Google Play store highlights the apps period tracking and symptom analysis features.

A blank, easy interface plus easy monitoring and day-to-day insights make Flo some of the in style era tracker apps in the marketplace. From cramping to temper swings, Flo has over 70 signs to make a choice from and a crew of fitness mavens that will help you perceive the ones signs. Flo additionally provides tablet reminders and academic assets. Take quizzes, learn articles, or get non-public in Secret Chats. Flo’s group function allows you to open up about intimate subjects and issues with different customers. 

Clue: The most productive era tracker app for studying your individual frame

Value: Loose /$nine.99 per 30 days / $39.99 in step with yr 

A screenshot of the Clue app from the Google Play store highlights some of the apps features.

Cycle research, a crew lead by way of women folk, and in depth content material (together with LGBTQIA+ assets) make this app stand out. Whether or not you’ve at all times had abnormal sessions or your frame is reeling after a up to date departure from beginning regulate, Clue is aware of no longer all cycles are the similar. As an alternative of boxing customers in, it tracks the whole lot from zits, to feelings, to sexual job or even allows you to upload customized signs. If verbal exchange is essential, customers too can proportion their cycle information in Clue Attach. This option is superb for protecting companions at the identical web page or for athletes who need their coaches to tailor coaching to their cycle.

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Glow: The most productive era tracker app for digesting information

Value: Loose / $7.99 per 30 days for three months / $2.49 per 30 days for 12 months /$49.99 for a life-time subscription

Screenshots of the Glow app in the Google Play Store illustrate some of the period trackers top features.

For individuals who love a excellent graph, Glow has you coated. Now not best does the app monitor your era, ovulation, signs, and sexual job, it creates sexy PDF charts of all your information which you’ll be able to print out for visits on your physician. The app collects and tracks a substantial choice of cycle-related information issues, all of which might be in comparison to different customers for your demographic for context. Like any other apps, it allows you to upload your spouse on your account to proportion your monitoring knowledge extra simply. It will lend a hand your spouse higher perceive your cycle and fertility and be extra lively in circle of relatives making plans. Additionally, paying for top class on Glow offers customers top class club to all of Glow’s sister apps, together with Eve, beneath.

Eve: The most productive era tracker app for an empowered intercourse lifestyles

Value: Loose / $7.99 per 30 days for three months / $2.49 per 30 days for 12 months /$49.99 for a life-time subscription

Screenshots of the Eve period tracker app highlight the apps emphasis on sexual health.

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Dropped at you by way of the similar builders as Glow (above), Eve is an app for customers who additionally wish to stay tabs on their sexual fitness. Eve encourages customers to trace their sessions when it comes to their intercourse lifestyles, providing same old era monitoring options in addition to the power to trace sexual job, pressure, moods, and whether or not or no longer you used coverage. Cheeky design parts (suppose creatively used bananas) and sex-focused content material make this app one for mature audiences. Eve additionally provides a group for sharing stories and asking fellow customers health-related questions.

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Ovia: The most productive era tracker app for making plans being pregnant

Value: Loose 

Screenshots of the Ovia app in the Google Play store depict how the app tracks fertility.

Particularly well liked by customers looking to conceive, Ovia tracks your era and ovulation, cervical place, basal frame temperature, and plenty of different key elements that have an effect on fertility. Subscribers can use this information (and the app’s proprietary set of rules) to expect their fertile window or carry insights to their OBGYN. The app additionally has lots of assets for people having a look to get pregnant, and a spouse app for monitoring your child’s enlargement should you do have one. Plus, it’s totally unfastened!

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Duration Tracker Duration Calendar: The most productive era tracker for note-takers

Value: Loose / $39.99 in step with yr

Screenshots of the Period Tracker Period Calendar app on the Google Play store show the apps simple but playful design style.

For an app that’s no-fuss and works for all cycles, Duration Tracker has lots to supply. With a adorable and easy taste, the app facilities round your cycle calendar, the place you’ll be able to monitor the whole lot from go with the flow, signs, and breast self-exams to cervical information, mucus, and moods. A distinguished diary function additionally encourages customers so as to add typed notes to their monitoring procedure. A separate self-care tab provides soundscapes, meditations, workout routines, and different assets for holistically taking good care of your frame all through your cycle. Some reviewers famous this app as a excellent choice for teenagers, however the app’s social options could be price reviewing. Now not everybody needs extra chat rooms of their youngsters’ lives. 

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Honorable mentions

That’s it for our record of the most productive era tracker apps. We additionally wish to give an honorable point out to the next:

  • Google Stay Notes: When you aren’t excited about all of the bells and whistles, stay it easy with Google Stay Notes. Jot down the beginning and finish of every go with the flow in order that on the very least, subsequent time you end up within the stirrups, you’ll be able to give your physician laborious dates. 
  • Cycle Monitoring: For perception at wrist peak, Cycle Monitoring at the Apple Watch we could customers log go with the flow ranges, signs, and extra. Activate notifications, and Cycle Monitoring will provide you with a warning when your subsequent predicted era or fertile window is a couple of days away.

Monitoring your menstrual cycle is advisable to figuring out your general fitness, however many units and apps monitor a spread of alternative treasured fitness signs. Beneath are some linked articles you may want to take a look at:

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