This needle-studded patch could help heart patients heal

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By way of Shoshana Wodinsky

A spike-studded patch sounds a bit of sadistic, however researchers say this sort of tool may sooner or later assist docs save the lives of people that have suffered a middle assault.

The experimental patch — in truth a plastic movie full of dwelling middle cells and studded with microscopic needles — is surgically implanted at once onto the guts. As soon as in position, it delivers proteins and different health-promoting compounds launched by way of the so-called cardiac stromal cells at once to the broken muscle.

The patch is at an early degree of construction and hasn’t been examined in people. However initial analysis on rats and pigs presentations that it promotes therapeutic of scarred cardiac tissue and is helping spice up the guts’s skill to pump blood.

The cell-filled patch represents “an cutting edge way [for] handing over healing cells for middle regeneration,” the researchers wrote in a paper describing the analysis, printed Nov. 28 within the magazine Science Advances.

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