Throwback Thursday: Testing, testing, testing

Pilot fish and his crew are referred to as upon to research a big pc that’s operating slowly. The issue: customers who’re simply forsaking their periods at the giant system as a substitute of quitting correctly.

“We wrote a script that might discover the rogue periods and kill them off,” fish says. “Then we’d report back to the executive the names of the customers who didn’t go out cleanly from the consultation, and the executive would have phrases with them.”

That’s the plan, anyway. Fish warns customers that the script has been written and what it’s for.

And it really works. At the first day the script is going reside, it catches a rogue consultation — which was once left striking by means of the executive.

Supervisor explains that he was once simply trying out the script.

At the 3rd day, the script catches every other rogue consultation belonging to the executive, who explains once more that it was once a take a look at.

By the point the script has been reside for every week and a part, fish has noticed a undeniable development.

“After 10 days, we stuck the executive 4 instances and no different member of personnel,” says fish.

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