Thymesia Is An Action Game Starring A Plague Doctor That Turns Diseases Into Weapons

Thymesia is a newly introduced motion sport by way of OverBorder Studio and Workforce17 that places gamers within the function of a virulent disease physician who can flip illnesses into bodily guns. That intriguing premise is for sure one method to flip some heads, and the sport’s debut trailer transforms that interest into consideration by way of highlighting its action-packed struggle.

Gamers keep an eye on Corvus, a virulent disease physician who can’t best conflict blades with the most efficient of them, however who too can take hold of illnesses from from inflamed enemies and use them offensively. An instance is proven within the debut trailer the place Corvus transforms sicknesses into Inexperienced Lantern-esque constructs of guns like scythes, spears, and swords. Corvus’ stats can also be custom designed in a method to create other builds for gamers to mildew the butt-kicking plague physician in their desire. 

As you notice within the trailer, Thymesia is an motion sport thru and thru. Fight is fast moving with an emphasis on tearing the mutated, tough-as-nails enemies to shreds with fast moves whilst speeding and parrying to shield your self. The fast pace seems to be interesting (as any individual who enjoys a just right fashionable motion sport), and I’m curious to be told extra about how the opposite tactics illnesses serve as in struggle.

Thymesia takes position in a plague-ridden darkish delusion global, Then again, we don’t know tale specifics but as opposed to you’re looking to regain Corvus’ reminiscences. What we do know is that the sport will function other endings to inspire more than one playthroughs. Exploration seems to be harking back to Darkish Souls, with a gloomy environment and medieval trappings. 

If you happen to suppose Thymesia seems to be up your alley, you’ll wish to stay a watch out for a unencumber date; at this time, the guidelines there’s that it’s coming someday this yr. It’ll be to be had to buy on PC, without a phrase on a console unencumber as of but. What do you recall to mind Thymesia’s ingenious way to the motion style? Tell us within the feedback! 

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