Time-Machine Tuesday: That’s really escalating the problem

Pilot fish will get a lend a hand table name from a person who says he’s bringing his computer to IT to mend an issue he’s having with printing.

No drawback, fish says, we care for that more or less factor at all times.

However the remainder of the day passes with out the person showing.

Subsequent morning, person’s boss does display up on the IT division with the computer, and explains that the person is out unwell.

However the computer obviously has greater than printing issues. The show is dangling by means of a cable, the keyboard is unusable, and the device is just about trashed.

“Seems the person used to be bringing the computer to the IT place of job,” says fish. “However whilst crossing between constructions, he used to be unfortunate sufficient to stroll beneath a big falling icicle, which no longer best significantly injured the person however despatched the computer flying.

“His boss used to be nonetheless positive shall we ‘simply put it again in combination.’”

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