Trump lashes out after campaign reportedly scraps key claim in Pennsylvania suit – live

In an interview with the Atlantic to mark newsletter of his memoir A Promised Land, Barack Obama ponders Joe Biden’s possibilities of running with Republicans in Congress, comes on the subject of admitting to being a never-Trump conservative himself – and compares The us underneath Trump to Central Asia underneath Genghis Khan.

“If we have been going to have a rightwing populist on this nation,” Obama says, “I might have anticipated any person a bit of extra interesting.”

Trump is refusing to confess defeat through Biden, regardless of a 5m deficit in the preferred vote and an electoral school loss through 306-232, the margin through which he beat Hillary Clinton.

“For the entire variations between myself and George W Bush,” Obama stated, “he and his management may no longer were extra gracious and intentional about making sure a easy handoff. One of the vital truly distressing issues in regards to the present state of affairs is the period of time this is being misplaced on account of Donald Trump’s petulance and the unwillingness of alternative Republicans to name him on it.”

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