Two Sea of Thieves players became Pirate Legends in a single day without getting sunk

I have been enjoying Sea of Thieves because it launched in 2018—quite casually and intermittently, however nonetheless, you’ll assume I would have transform be a Pirate Legend through now. I have not, which makes the next information an extremely sour tablet: Two veteran Sea of Thieves avid gamers began new characters and ranked them as much as Pirate Legends in one day.

It used to be a rattling lengthy and eventful day, although. It took the 2 pirates, Moonlitius and Disable_Chicken, just below 22 hours of constant play to achieve degree 50 within the 3 buying and selling corporations (Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, and Service provider Alliance) required to transform Pirate Legends. And so they did it in a sloop, the smallest send within the recreation, with out ever getting sunk regardless of some extremely fierce battle with a number of larger ships.

Underneath you’ll watch all of the 21 hour, 48 minute, and six 2d video (damaged into two portions) or a minimum of skim via it, like I did. The in point of fact wonderful factor is, the duo may have if truth be told completed a couple of hours previous—with the exception of for one specifically doubtful choice. 

After recognizing a galleon (the most important send within the recreation, which is most often operated through a staff of 4 avid gamers) headed towards Satan’s Ridge, the pirate buddies guessed the staff could be coming to the island to filter a treasure vault. The duo determined to sink the galleon and thieve the vault’s treasure themselves.

That phase went extraordinarily neatly (you’ll see it start at 07:30:00 within the video beneath). However the galleon staff respawned with a brand new send and spent the following a number of hours chasing the 2 pirates around the map, hoping to re-steal their stolen treasure.

Even worse, the galleon used to be ultimately joined through a brigantine, a three-player send, and the 2 larger ships joined forces to seek the duo and their tiny sloop. Beginning round 8 hours into the video above, the chase and skirmishes closing for over an hour, taking all of them around the map or even off the threshold into the purple sea, the place ships robotically start taking large harm.

Merely getting a lead at the larger ships wasn’t in point of fact an possibility—with such a lot treasure aboard the sloop it could take a minimum of twenty or thirty mins to sell off all of it on an outpost, and they are by no means greater than a minute or two forward in their pursuers. It is a nerve-wracking however stress-free chase and combat to observe, and it is wonderful that the 2 pirates ultimately sink the galleon a 2d time and set up to evade the brigantine—which is the quickest send within the recreation.

A couple of different highlights:

  • At 04:26:51 within the first video, they take down a brig stuffed with loot, whilst the brig staff again and again insist they’ve no loot, plus a Meg will get in at the a laugh
  • At 07:26:45 they sink a galleon with not anything however firebombs
  • At 10:39:38 it is printed they preserve a couple of inches of water sloshing within the hull so the large pile of mermaid gem stones is not so blinding
  • At 10:31:22 they spend a cast 25 mins simply unloading treasure, and do not even sell off all of it

I have not watched all of the video, however what I have observed makes for some nerve-racking and a laugh viewing, and highlights a number of attention-grabbing sides of Sea of Thieves. The maneuverability of the sloop provides small crews a pleasant merit, however the revive machine (added now not way back) makes it a lot more difficult to wipe larger squads. 

And, in fact, whilst you sink every other send it will possibly respawn lovely shut through with a complete praise of provides—which makes it exhausting to really defeat somebody at the server. If they are mad sufficient and affected person sufficient, they’re going to simply stay coming again for revenge.

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