Using a 'real entity as enemies' got Afghanistan '11 pulled from the App Store

Developer Slitherine’s technique sport Afghanistan ’11 has been pulled from the iOS App Retailer, a rejection that comes greater than a yr after the sport first introduced at the platform. 

The cause of the unexpected pull, as explained to the dev in an email from Apple, is that the sport options “other people from particular executive or different actual entity because the enemies.” 

Afghanistan ’11 is, because the identify would recommend, is a technique sport according to movements taken via america in Afghanistan after the occasions of nine/11. That subject material naturally comprises conflicts between america forces occupying the rustic and the Taliban, although Slitherine tells Polygon that the sport is extra about development infrastructure and providing reinforce to Afghan civilians than outright battle towards the Taliban. 

“Ancient rigor is a basic key of Slitherine and Matrix Video games DNA,” a consultant from Slitherine informed Polygon. “We by no means portrayed an ‘enemy’ for its [ethnic] starting place. Our [games] are according to historical past and we at all times attempt to depict lifelike historic eventualities.”

Apple has, prior to now, taken identical unexpected movements towards video games according to historic occasions. In 2015, the corporate got rid of Final Normal: Gettysburg and a number of other different video games from the App Retailer over in-game use of the Accomplice flag, although that exact choice used to be ultimately reversed.

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