Vast Deus Ex mod restores the original game's vision for a female protagonist

Sport mods that allow you to alternate the protagonist’s gender are a dime a dozen, however now not like this. A brand new Deus Ex Mod referred to as the “Lay D Denton Challenge” allows you to play the vintage immersive sim as a feminine UNATCO agent, one thing developer Ion Hurricane ended up chopping from the unique sport. It even is going as far as to re-record the entire primary personality’s discussion, alternate each and every unmarried textual content or verbal pronoun reference, and in some circumstances even upload or considerably adjust characters to have it make sense that characters are talking with a feminine.

“Whilst a type change and a vocal plugin may just create an inexpensive facsimile, we felt this is able to be woefully inadequate,” the mod group wrote of their announcement. “Immersion is a core characteristic of the Deus Ex revel in, and a half-implemented feminine JC Denton would sabotage that. Both we do it proper or we shouldn’t trouble.”

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