Virgin Galactic test flight aims for the edge of space

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Through Dennis Romero and David Freeman

The window for Virgin Galactic’s fourth take a look at flight opens Thursday, and the corporate is hoping its graceful VSS Harmony spaceplane gets to the brink of area for the primary time.

“At a fundamental degree, this flight will intention to fly upper and sooner,” the corporate stated in a observation.

Virgin Galactic additionally plans to “get started simulating the economic weight distribution within the spaceship represented through our long run passengers,” the corporate stated.

VMS Eve carries VSS Harmony for its first flight over the Mojave Wasteland, California, on Sept. eight, 2016.Virgin Galactic

Corporate founder Richard Branson had promised to begin taking vacationers — about 800 folks have paid $250,00zero for tickets — to the brink of area through the tip of the yr. However this take a look at flight over California’s Mojave Wasteland will raise just a pilot and co-pilot, in keeping with Virgin Galactic.

“We plan to burn the rocket motor for longer than we ever have in flight ahead of, however to not its complete length. On the finish phases of the rocket burn within the skinny air of the mesosphere and with the speeds that we think to succeed in, further altitude is added impulsively,” the corporate mentioned. “That leads to new and vital knowledge issues.”

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