Wasteland 3: Gain Buffs From These Creepy Doll Locations

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“She’d like to peer the entire international burn, afterwards it is her personal flip!”

  • Bonus Granted: Explosive Injury Bonus +five.zero% for squad

Radical Rachel is a Creepy Doll positioned within the Ranger HQ base, your primary position of operations in Colorado. To search out it, when you acquire keep an eye on of the bottom and set up your self as commander, head all the way down to the fitting previous the mess corridor to the Archives Room – which is filled with pc desks and a couple of beasts. Seek the nook of the room to the left of the entrance and also you must discover a container with the doll.

“Candy and mousy is her glance, however she’s were given your secrets and techniques in her ebook!”

  • Bonus Granted: Belief +1 for squad

Willing Karen is a Creepy Doll positioned within the Lawn of the Gods at the north aspect of Colorado Springs the town. As soon as you might have entered the realm to struggle the Dorseys who’ve taken over, search for the massive battleground close to the place the Dorsey’s have dumped our bodies right into a mass grave, and at the left aspect you’ll be able to in finding a big snowpile. Shift the digital camera to peer a trail beneath the snowdrift and at the different aspect you’ll be able to discover a filth pile to dig up the doll.


“Dad mentioned that they had too many sons, so Maury ate the smaller ones!”

  • Bonus Granted: +15 Con for squad

Maneater Maury is a Creepy Doll positioned at the outskirts of the Abnormal, close to the doorway to the parking storage north of the Abnormal front. As soon as you might have entered the realm, head north and proper to discover a highway patrolled through Bomb Bots, and search for a northern trail to a steel bridge. Simply to the fitting of this bridge is a small downward slope finishing in a useless finish with a duffel bag – and inside of you’ll be able to in finding the doll.

“Their armor is pointless in a scrap, Lance handiest wishes a tiny hole!”

  • Bonus Granted: +1 Penetration for squad

Deadly Lance is a Creepy Doll positioned within the Monster Military Bunker, which is the objective of a facet quest you’ll be able to adopt on the Abnormal known as Cinema Verite. As soon as within the bunker, you’ll be able to in finding the doll after you have interaction in a struggle towards a couple of drilldogs and a shockdog.

“Corey has a heartless gaze, however the group is freed from strays!”

  • Bonus Granted: Injury vs. Animals +five% to squad

Merciless Corey is a Creepy Doll positioned within the Denver Ruins of Colorado, which you’ll be able to discover to your trail to struggle the Gippers and Valor Buchannan. The doll is positioned within the Gippers’ White Space – which you’ll be able to in finding at the left aspect of the corridor as you input.

  • Bonus: +five% Power Injury for squad

Electrical Emmett is a Creepy Doll positioned on the Gadget Commune in Denver, Colorado. The doll in query is buried in a hidden spot over through the terminal house’s go out, and is positioned close to some Killer Bots.

“He hates all other folks along with his soul, so he rages like an excellent asshole!”

  • Bonus: +five% Injury vs. People for squad

Fuckin’ Fred is a Creepy Doll positioned within the Outdated Survivalist Bunker, which you’ll be able to discover beneath Broadmoor Heights as a part of a facet quest given through Angela Deth. He is positioned in a facet room close to Clouds-Drifting-West, however the door is locked and calls for Lockpicking eight to succeed in the doll.

“The shadows come on the finish of the day, by no means blink or glance away!”

  • Bonus: Detection Time +zero.five seconds for squad

Worried Nancy is a Creepy Doll positioned on the Division of Power Website online in Colorado. As soon as at this location, search for a bunch of merchandising machines and several other landmines to search out the doll.

“Why even sweat the clinical drama should you come again from each trauma?”

  • Bonus: Therapeutic Bonus +10% for squad

Hearty Henry is a Creep Doll positioned early on within the Aspen area of Colorado the place you should search out Victory Buchanan. As soon as in Aspen, discover the bunker house that is stuffed with quite a lot of loot and a useless frame with a duffel bag – inside of you’ll be able to in finding the doll..

“Any person requested why she was once pissed, she made them devour her whole fist!”

  • Bonus Granted: Melee Injury Bonus: +five.zero% for squad

Ferocious Francesa is a Creepy Doll positioned in Aspen when operating on The Psychopath number one project. This doll is in a duffel bag container in the back of the cage that Ranger Rook is being held captive in. This room is in Little Hell inside of Aspen the place a number of Breather enemies are out of doors the door to this cage. Rescuing Rook is part of the Elevating a Little Hell number one project that may lend a hand lead you to this Creepy Doll location.

“It takes endurance to struggle with ability, there may be time to kill and a time to kill!”

  • Bonus: +2% Hit Probability for squad

Zen Zoey is a Creepy Doll positioned on the Snowed Inn Hotel the place Nelius Dorsey and his gang are holed up in as a part of the Frontier Justice quest. You’ll in finding the doll out within the open backyard the place you must tackle a couple of Razorback creatures down at the some distance proper aspect.

“The race is going hardly to the good, he will be the primary to make a slice!”

  • Bonus: Sneak Assault Injury +five% for squad

Fast Quaid is a Creepy Doll positioned over on the Knox Bison Ranch, a space that handiest seems when taking at the Head Hunter sidequest on the Cannibal Jamboree, and handiest after you might have cleared out Aspen. As soon as on the ranch, you’ll be able to in finding the doll round Larry’s grave after coping with enemies within the house.

“Candy little fluffs must be secure, nasty mutants must be bisected!”

  • Bonus: Injury vs. Mutants +five% for squad

Purist Patty is a Creepy Doll that may be discovered on the Deserted Oil Neatly – positioned some distance south of the Union Station and the Ghost The town. At this location you’ll be able to in finding a big tesla coil and a number of peculiar other folks. Attacking one in every of them will purpose a scene to spread, and upon waking, the whole thing shall be long past, excluding for a helmet and the doll. Spooky.

“Whilst sticks and stones would possibly make blood spurt, it is unkind phrases that in reality harm!

  • Bonus Granted: Crit Resistance: +five% for squad

Offended Aaron is a Creepy Doll positioned within the Godfisher Windfarm aspect house inside of Yuma County. This doll is close to the tip of the Godfisher Windfarm inside of an armor crate container. The crate calls for degree 10 Lockpicking to release and it additionally has a number of degree eight Explosive traps surrounding it. Head to the some distance east aspect of the Godfisher Windfarm to search out this doll.

“Caffeine offers your day a get started, forget about the stress upon your center!”

  • Bonus: +five% Initiative for squad

Hyper Heather is the remaining Creepy Doll, which is positioned on the Yuma County Speedway inside of Yuma County, in fact. Head to the room the place you confront Liberty Buchanan, and sooner than immediately confronting her, you’ll be able to discover a trapped locker that calls for Explosives eight to disarm – and inside of is the doll you search.

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