Watch this World of Warcraft player one-shot a raid boss for 115 million damage using a genius exploit

International of Warcraft raid bosses are difficult encounters that most often take a gaggle of 10-plus gamers to take down—except you might be Rextroy. He is principally the One Punch Guy of WoW, a theorycrafter and YouTuber with an eye fixed against pioneering elaborate and inventive tactics to down a few of its hardest bosses. His newest punching bag, although, is outstanding: Rextroy one-shot Wrathion from International of Warcraft’s newest and maximum difficult raid, New york’alotha, for a fully mind-boggling 115 million harm.

You’ll watch the video above to peer Rextroy in motion, however if you are no longer a International of Warcraft participant it may well be onerous to grasp precisely what is occurring. Thankfully, Rextroy breaks down his way step-by-step within the video description—however I am nonetheless floored that any individual got here up with this concept within the first position. After 16 years, International of Warcraft is de facto gargantuan. There are literally thousands of skills, pieces, and bizarre magical results your persona can to find and employ, so it is wonderful that Rextroy and pals have been ready to search out the precise correct mix to do that a lot harm.

The important thing talent on this technique is Diver’s Folly, a one-handed awl with a distinct talent referred to as Bioelectric Rate. Every time you assault with Diver’s Folly, you might have an opportunity to high it, which retail outlets 5 % of your harm for 12 seconds after which unleashes it as nature harm. To get the vital numbers to make Bioelectric Rate do such ridiculous harm, although, Rextroy wishes some solution to hugely building up his harm output.

Within the Catacylsm growth, there’s a dungeon with a chairman come upon that briefly boosts your harm via 2,000 %. That also is not sufficient, although, so Rextroy shares up on a distinct merchandise referred to as Mantid Firebomb, which most often simplest offers a paltry 35 harm to any objectives inside its blast radius when thrown.

Keep on with me, as a result of here is the place Rextroy’s plan will get sensible: He is going into the Catacylsm dungeon boss combat and waits till the two,000 % additional harm buff is in impact. Then he gathers a big pack of trash monsters that spawn right through the boss combat and assaults them till Diver’s Folly triggers its Bioelectric Rate. When he throws his Mantid Firebomb on the pack of monsters, it now does 2000 % additional harm to each and every monster, which successfully primes Bioelectric Rate with one thing like 2,309,961,440 harm—5 % of which might be unleashed in 12 seconds when the facility ends.

With so little time, how does Rextroy pass from a dungeon on the backside of the sea to another nightmare measurement populated via a military of eldritch monsters the place Wrathion awaits?

(Symbol credit score: Memes)

International of Warcraft shall we sure categories of gamers summon others to any place on the planet the use of teleportation magic. Those spells last as long as two mins, so prior to the combat even starts Rextroy has a suggested on his display screen asking him if he needs to enroll in his crew of pals in Wrathion’s boss room in New york’alotha. Once his throws the Mantid Firebomb and kills the whole lot, he accepts the teleport and right away arrives proper in entrance of Wrathion with simply sufficient time to punch him within the face and ship an apocalyptic blow—kind of two times the volume of Wrathion’s HP at that problem.

It is a sensible tactic, however Rextroy performed it secure prior to sharing it. He waited to liberate the video till the exploit was once fastened on are living servers, in order that gamers could not recreate the option to achieve an unfair aggressive benefit. New york’alotha is International of Warcraft’s present raid and even supposing it is been out for a number of months, raiding guilds are nonetheless grinding it at upper difficulties for the most efficient conceivable loot. Mantid Firebombs, as an example, can now not be taken out of doors of Pandaria the place they are discovered.

It is a good move taking into account Rextroy was once banned again within the early days of Combat for Azeroth for the use of a identical roughly option to one hit a chairman from the Uldir raid. A lot of these techniques take a seat in a gray house, although, and Rextroy’s ban was once lifted not up to an afternoon after it was once given.

Nonetheless, it is cool to peer what is conceivable with just a little ingenuity. One-shotting a chairman for 115 million harm is outrageous—particularly whilst you needless to say Snowstorm refactored International of Warcraft’s fight math in the beginning of this growth for the reason that numbers have been getting too huge. A forged talent hit in International of Warcraft nowadays would possibly do round 30,000 harm.

If you wish to see Rextroy destroy different raid bosses, his YouTube channel is value trying out.

Thank you, Wowhead.

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