You understand indicators of the flu come with fever, aches and fatigue. However what about hives? (Picture: Wavebreakmedia, Getty Photographs/iStockphoto)

Most oldsters are aware of the indicators that their kid has the flu.

Maximum regularly, the ill individual has a fever. Aches, chills, fatigue. Possibly a sore throat or cough.

However do you know flu is sneaky and will display up as hives, too?

Brodi Willard, a mother and registered nurse in Nebraska, discovered that out in January when her son advanced an itchy pores and skin rash. She attempted at-home therapies however couldn’t get the hives to prevent spreading. She took her son into the pediatrician’s place of job the place he examined certain for influenza. 

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She used to be surprised as a result of her son did not have any of the standard signs. No fever, cough or runny nostril, she stated in a now-viral publish:

Hives don’t seem to be a not unusual signal of the flu – they’re now not indexed some of the standard signs at the Facilities for Illness Keep watch over and Prevention’s flu website online.

However, the flu is fickle. For instance, now not everybody who will get it’s going to expand a fever.

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