YTMND, one of the internet's earliest meme sites, shuts down forever

One of the most web’s earliest meme pioneers is not more. 

“You’re the Guy Now, Canine!,” extra regularly referred to as YTMND has close down. Twitter customers first spotted the website used to be now not available and phrase to boards and different corners of the internet populated by means of those that have been by means of the meme website.

YTMND used to be maximum widely known for its person generated standalone pages full of a unmarried, tiled symbol or animated GIF, embedded with massive textual content, and continuously with a legitimate or tune report enjoying on loop. 

The area used to be first registered by means of the website’s founder Max Golderberg on April 1, 2004. On the other hand, Goldberg had registered for the unique standalone meme which sparked the theory for the use-generated YTMND long ago on July 6, 2001. The website’s identify is a connection with a by means of Sean Connery’s persona within the 2000 movie, Discovering Forrester


The website used to be highly regarded within the mid-2000s and, in spite of promoting troubles that got here with internet hosting offensive content material, YTMND became a benefit. All through its top, the website gave start to an array of standard web memes of the time, corresponding to and .

On the other hand, the website’s founder of policing the dying threats, doxxing, kid pornography, and nazis that started populating the platform. Well being problems, in addition to falling visitors in part because of the upward push of social media and declining advert earnings, quickly resulted in a once-bustling web neighborhood turning into an early web meme museum. 

Goldberg has lengthy alluded to the truth that his site, which he grew to hate, would most definitely now not be round without end. He successfully stopped operating on YTMND however the website did continue to exist — till this week.

“But even so being a time pill I don’t in point of fact see a reason why for it to live on. It sort of feels just like the web has moved on,” Goldberg mentioned in a 2016 interview with . “And I’ve moved on too. I don’t have a lot hobby within the website past it being excellent reminiscences.”

Fortunately, foreshadowing the shutdown of your site years upfront has its advantages. Remaining yr, the Web Archive a complete reproduction of YTMND and can quickly make it to be had on their site. Goldberg shared the archiving information on Twitter, reputedly confirming the dying of his introduction.

Unfortunately, YTMND, you’re useless now, canine. However, thank you for the reminiscences.

Mashable has reached out to Goldberg for remark and can replace this submit if we pay attention again.

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